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Trocaire 2023

Trócaire marks 50 years of fighting injustice
On the Feast of the Presentation of our Lord in 1973, the Irish Bishops wrote to the Christian people of Ireland establishing Trócaire. As we mark 50 years of Trócaire, we mark 50 years of perseverance, courage, participation, accountability and solidarity. From supporting human rights defenders in Central America, [...]

We must treasure the spiritual and human wealth that has een handed down from generation to generation”

Thank you for the older generation. For the strong roots of faith that have anchored my family and my community. For the branches of  love that have sheltered us. May our tree of faith continue to grow strong and bear fruit for generations

prayer for peace in Ukraine

Prayer for Peace in Ukraine
Heavenly Father, Your Son taught us “
Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called Children of God.”
In this time of great worry, we fervently pray that Your Holy Spirit sustain all the people of Ukraine to be vigilant and dedicated to peace and justice. Grant their leaders wisdom and
prudence. Yet, [...]

Prayer for Creation

A prayer for the Earth (Martyn Goss, Diocese of Exeter, England)
God our Creator, maker and shaper of all that is, seen and unseen;
You are present in the breath and depth of the whole of creation,
and in the processes that make life possible.
Yet, we are distracted by the gods of the marketplace.
Our lives have become fractured [...]


Selfishness makes people deaf and dumb; love opens eyes and hearts, enabling people to make  that original and irreplaceable contribution which, together with the thousands of deeds of so many brothers and sisters, converges to form the mosaic of charity which can change the tide of history.
Message to young people  world youth day Nov. 26th [...]

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