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Sacrament of Confession after the 7.00pm Mass.

Mass of Chrism: Blessing of Holy Oils during the Chrism Mass St John’s
Cathedral, Limerick.

Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper:
with Eucharistic Procession to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.
Adoration until 10.00pm.

Celebration of the Lord’s Passion: Including Veneration of the Cross
Stations of the Cross.

Confessions 11.00am to 1.00pm
Blessings of Easter Baskets at 12noon
Easter Vigil Mass – 8pm
Blessing of Paschal Fire and Easter Candle

10.00am Mass
12noon Mass

Confessions after the Holy Thursday Mass and the Good Friday ceremonies.
Palm Sunday begins the journey of Holy Week. You are invited in whatever way possible to keep this week sacred. We are all busy in our own lives with so many things to do and so many places to be. Holy Week is an opportunity for all Christians to reflect on the significance of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. We encourage you to make time in your busy schedule to attend some or all of the Holy Week Ceremonies. These beautiful ceremonies help us to enter into the mystery of the life death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus’ entire life was a journey to the cross. He was born to die, and by dying he destroyed our death and by rising restored our life. We pray this familiar prayer to be with Jesus.

Holy Thursday: The Mass on Holy Thursday is a reminder to us of the importance of the Eucharist, and the link between the Eucharist and service of others in our community as symbolised in the washing of the feet.

Good Friday: Good Friday is one of the most sacred days in the Christian calendar. It is very easy to allow it to become an ordinary day, and so we really need to make a conscious effort to make it special and to try to attend one of the ceremonies of the day. If you cannot attend a ceremony in the church, then why not take a few moments in your home to venerate a Cross, leading your children or family into the tradition. The Cross is central to our faith – Jesus offered his life on the Cross so that we will all have the fullness of life on this earth and the promise of life eternal to come.

Holy Saturday: Holy Saturday night is a very special night for Christians. Again, worth the effort to try to be present for the Vigil ceremony. It is the celebration of the resurrection the most important event in human history. Jesus has broken the chains of death and has won for us a new life, eternal life. In the midst of our daily struggles, in our losses and our bereavements, we turn to the Risen Lord who gives us hope and who promises to be with us always. He is a light in the darkness of our lives. A light that darkness cannot overcome.

Easter Sunday: Death is our greatest enemy. No one escapes it; we can’t avoid it. Jesus’ resurrection is the crowning truth of our faith. On Easter Sunday we celebrate the fact that death is not the end; we believe in the resurrection of the body and life everlasting. Just as the Father raised the Son so too we will rise again.

Fr Willie, Fr Tony and Fr Dan invite you to join them in celebrating the Holy Week Ceremonies. Times of ceremonies are included in this newsletter.

Trocaire 2024: The 2024 Trócaire Lenten campaign provides us with an opportunity to reach out in support to those who are most in need in the world, enabling us to fulfil one of our Lenten observances to help the poor. We know you will be generous in your donations to this year’s campaign which focuses on the needs of the people of Malawi. Malawi is located in southeast Africa. Malawi is often referred to as the warm heart of Africa. Sadly, it is a country with high levels of poverty, where life is already a struggle for many. Climate change is causing extreme weather events, flooding and droughts are becoming more severe and frequent. People are losing their homes, their livelihoods and even their lives.
The Trócaire Lenten campaign focuses on Malita and her family, in the Machinga district. Too little or too much water is a daily struggle for Malita. You can help Malita and her family build a more secure future in the face of devastating climate change.
In a single year, Malita and her family can face the extremes of too much and too little water, seeing both flash flooding and withering dry spells, destroying her crops and the family’s food supplies.
Every day, Malita, her daughters Patricia and Margaret or son Patrick walk for hours to fetch water from the nearest well. Sometimes this can take the children over an hour and means they miss school.
Despite the poverty and unpredictability, they face, Malita’s family are resilient and resourceful, determined to adapt to the changing climate, and Malita’s priority is to ensure her children don’t go hungry.
Your support can change the lives of families like Malita’s, in Malawi and all over the world. With your help, we can work with families when there is too much water, strengthening flood defences and emergency responses and when there is too little, we can help adapt irrigation systems and provide better access to safe water. With your help, and along with the communities of Malawi, we can bring real change to real lives. Please donate what you can afford to help these families. Donations should be put in an envelope and handed in to the church during the Holy Week ceremonies and we will send it on your behalf to Trócaire as soon as is possible.
Thank You for your generous support: A word of thanks and appreciation to all who continue to support the work of the Church in the parish by your weekly contributions to the offertory collection. Your financial support for the church enables us to maintain our mission here in the parish, to fund all the resources we need for our work, and it helps fund the ongoing maintenance of parish properties including the ever increasing costs of heating and electricity.
You can also help support the parish by making your donation through the DONATE button on our parish website. Sincere thanks for all your contributions.
Thanks to the many parishioners who continue to give of their time in the various aspects of parish life and lay ministry. You time, dedication and commitment are very much appreciated. All parishioners young and not so young are welcome to help in the work of the parish. Just get in contact with Fr Tony or Fr Willie.
Easter Dues: The Easter Dues in support of the priests of the parish can be put into the basket during the offertory collection on Holy Saturday night or during Mass on Easter Sunday morning. You can also contribute through the donate button on the parish website. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Fr Dan and I wish you and your families the joy and peace of this great Feast of Easter. We look forward to meeting you over the next few days.
May the journey of this Holy Week strengthen your faith, and bring you the gifts of hope, comfort, and joy at this time in your life.
With renewed blessings for Holy Week.
Sincerely, Fr Tony Mullins, Fr Willie Russell, Fr Dan Lane

General Mass Times – Live on Webcam
Mon: 7pm (Also 11am on day of Funeral)
Tue – Fri: 10am (Will move to 11 am on day of Funeral)
Saturday:  6.30pm Sunday Vigil
Sunday: 10 am  and  12.00 noon.
Funding for St Ita’s Hall:

€300,000 in funding has been approved for the renovation and upgrading of St Ita’s Community Hall, on Convent Street.
We are delighted to announce that following several months of collaboration between a small group of representatives from Abbeyfeale Parish, Abbeyfeale Community Council, West Limerick Resources, and Foróige West Limerick, our application has been approved for the funding needed to undertake major renovation works to revitalise St. Ita’s Hall, as it approaches its 100th birthday. The national application process was highly competitive, with a large number of applications, but our collective community-style approach in preparing the application has led to its success. The Hall has been and continues to be a central location for our Community, for a wide range of activities and service delivery, catering to all ages.
Huge Thank You to all Elected Representatives who supported this Application while making its way through the evaluation process.
Funding was approved by the Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD), under its Community Centres Investment Fund (CCIF) which was announced earlier in the year. The fund is being managed and administered by Pobal on behalf of the Government.
Details on when renovation works are expected to begin will be announced in due course.
Thank You:
Sincere thanks to all who continue to support the parish financially. Your contributions are appreciated very much and will help us to meet ongoing expenses. We would also like to make parishioners aware that they can now contribute to the parish through the DONATE button on this website. Your generosity to the parish is important and we are grateful for your continued support.
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